What will the coronavirus impact be on the worlds job market in 2020

I’d like your opinion here…  so keeping our eye on the job market during the 1st quarter of 2020 would prove that were in a Bull market and jobs were plentiful, Right?

Recruiting businesses generally speaking, keep up with the nationwide hiring trends, and if that’s the case, America stands to add nearly 20 million new jobs in 2020 which if my calculations are accurate means an astounding 13% – 15% yearly growth rate over the next decade. Since Americas typical growth has notoriously been half of this predicted rate, the future looks promising… very promising !

Fast Forward however to March and were coming to a screeching halt as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle businesses worldwide. It has us in a state of shock and there is this mysterious curiosity behind it, though there is nothing mysterious about the stock market and it’s plunge of nearly 8,500 points since February. I cant speak for you, but I’ve seen the job market and our economy as of March 16th, 2020 take a nose dive. Our clients and the employment market as a whole has stopped cold in it’s tracks. Companies have ceased all hiring efforts, layoffs have come quickly, companies like casinos in Las Vegas, to automotive companies in Detroit are closing their doors until further notice, and if you’re not in the health care industry which seems the only business that’s still thriving, you’re wondering what our lives and jobs are going to look like in the next couple of months.

Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, the facts are clear that during his administration, our countries economy, jobs and overall growth is a proven fact. Maybe all of the turmoil, confusion, and changing government policies from this administration is a sign that “Business As Usual” or stagnant political maneuvers by previous administrations hasn’t helped, and more change is warranted. This is not meant as a political conversation, nor my personal opinion, so let’s keep this conversation civil moving forward. After this Coronavirus Pandemic is behind us, which if we follow suit behind China and Italy, I expect to have things back to normal with 1 or 2 months.

  1. Does this mean that the economy will recover from this significant blow right away
  2. Will our jobs come back immediately?

I’m remaining optimistic that the job market and the economy will recover rapidly, though I’d like to hear from you with your thoughts

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